Welcome to Shoal Lake History

       Hello and welcome to Shoal Lake History.

       You have found the portal into the local past for Shoal Lake, a small farming community on the western part of the Manitoba Escarpment, just south of Riding Mountain. From the North-West Mounted Police to the Manitoba and North-Western Railway, from dirt-poor settlers to self-made millionaires, from world-class butter to the last scalp taken in Manitoba, all the tragedy and the achievement has come alive online here at Shoal Lake History.

             My name is Reid Dickie. I am a writer, former Shoal Lake resident, creator and administrator of this site. I’m thrilled to make Shoal Lake History available to the world. The new site contains seventy-seven stories and feature articles about the town’s past and over 100 pictures depicting Shoal Lake through the decades. Overall, it’s an easy-to-read format and very user-friendly.

         My major resources for this blog were the history books about Shoal Lake. Fortunately it has had at least four books published about its past and I relied heavily on them for facts and pictures. The committees who assembled these books are to be richly commended for their endeavours at saving the past. Thank you.

         There is plenty to see on Shoal Lake History. I suggest a great place to find out what it’s all about is, in fact, About at the top of the page. After that, start clicking on the other pages and explore to your heart’s content.

         Thanks for checking out this site. I hope it inspires you to contribute your own words, pictures and ideas.

         Warm regards,



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