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Greg at wonders

do you have any information on the house at 507 7th avenue it has been told to us that it was a hosptial at one time before the old hospital was built Thanks Greg 
I don’t know which house he means. Who can help him out?

Brent Denham saw the CTW article as did a lot of people. It came out on April 1 and on April 3, 121 people viewed Shoal Lake History! Brent writes:

Read of your blog yesterday in CROSSROADS. Just finished an initial quick look and my impression? IT’S GREAT. My mother came from Shoal Lake and I spent much of my youth there (born 1940)My aunt, Gertie Miller would have been the Chiet Telephone Operator there in the 50’s and early 60’s. So I will return to read in detail. Might even post some recollections myself. Thanks again, Brent Denham Winnipeg, Manitoba
Thanks Brent. Please do send in your recollections of Shoal Lake.

You can find the history of this house, built by Thomas Hurst and now one of the oldest buildings in town, in Shoal Lake Minute #23.



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