Shoal Lake Model Car Club article, 1966

I’ve just added an article and picture from the Brandon Sun, Wednesday, November 2, 1966 about this clip from Shoal Lake Minute #45 – Even More Things You Thought Shoal Lake Never Had. The link is at SL Minute #45

A model car club? Boss, Rat Fink. The mid-1960s was the time of hot rods, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth and Beach Boys car songs. A group of motor-minded Shoal Lake teenagers formed the Road Knights Car Club to meet and build model cars. The group’s core was Dennis Lewycky, Andy Edmundson, Ted Hart and Morris Twerdochlib. Their names are inscribed on the brass plate on a painting hanging in the lounge of Morley House. The Knights held a well-attended model car show on December 19, 1965 in the basement of the Buffalo Plains Inn, showing model cars and offering prizes. Jim Kennedy had the champion car. The profits went toward purchasing the picture for the soon-to-be opened retirement complex. The picture still hangs in Morley House. Emerging interests shifted the Road Knights’ attention and the club soon disbanded.


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3 Responses to Shoal Lake Model Car Club article, 1966

  1. jim kennedy says:

    hey reid i still have that car JIM KENNEDY


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