So Many Shoal Lakes!!

People have been searching out information about the flooding at Shoal Lake so I want to clarify the locations. There are, in  fact, four other lakes named Shoal Lake that dot the map of Manitoba but they are all just that – lakes. No other Manitoba town is known as Shoal Lake. The Shoal Lake north of Lake of the Woods, from which Winnipeg draws its water via an aqueduct, is the largest. There is a cluster of three lakes west of Teulon in the Interlake named North, East and West Shoal Lake. Each of them is much larger than our Shoal Lake and they are lakes that are currently flooding farm and pasture land, causing some serious damage. The Shoal Lake this blog is about is safe and sound, no flooding. Though the Oak River, which flows through the town, was very high this year and the lake is swollen, it is causing no overland flooding. The only road closed by water near Shoal Lake is still Hwy #264 for 8 km south of Hwy #42.

For more on the naming of Shoal Lake and its streets, visit the Places page and read What’s in a Name?

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