Badger Family Inquiry

This comment is from Heather Badger Koch:

I have been researching the Shoal Lake Hockey team for my father, William Badger, 87 years who was born in Shoal Lake.  Do you know the names of the men on the team?  He believes he worked for one Eddie Arnold.  Dad is currently living in Calif. but is very nostalgic for his home.  He was the boy in the 30’s who was rescued from Shoal Lake.  He and his brother Dougie nearly drowned near the creamery.

My reply:

Thanks for getting in touch. Funny how little towns have a magnetic attraction that lures people back, if not in person then in memory and in nostalgia. I remember reading the story of Bill and Dougie almost drowning in the lake. It’s recounted in Ripples on the Lake history book. Did Doug die in WWII? I couldn’t come up with any hockey rosters for you. Eddie Arnold farmed anbd breed heavy horses near Shoal Lake for decades so it is likely your grandpa worked for him. Maybe a blog reader will have more information for you. All the best, Reid


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2 Responses to Badger Family Inquiry

  1. Hi there ! I am a fellow Manitoba History Blogger (West End Dumplings and This Was Manitoba.) I did some searching through the Winnipeg Free Press and came across some rosters. What year are we looking at ?

    I’ve posted a few samples at my photo page as well as a couple of articles where Mr. Badger’s name appears. You should be able to see the article images at if you can’t or would like the files directly, email me at


    • readreidread says:

      Hi Christian,

      Thanks for your help with this. I check out West End Dumplings frequently and encourage my readers to do the same. Reid

      Heather: in the Free Press articles that Christian has on his Flickr site, there is a picture and caption of Bill and Doug and the man who saved them getting a citation from the mayor and mention of the SL team including a Badger in the 1941 article. I’ll bet that was your grandpa. The rest of team is named by surname only. The power of the blogosphere!!


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