Menzies Family Information

I received this email with information on Douglas Menzies from Ian Menzies at Thanks Ian.

I was able to dig up a bit in on of my father’s family trees:
Douglas William (1919 – 1977) was the first child of Duncan Thomas Menzies (1888 – 1966) and Jessie Brody (? – 1932)
Duncan Thomas Menzies was the 4th child of John Menzies (Junior) (1852–1930) and Catherine McGue (1852-1927) – John was born in Scotland and moved to Canada in 1862 and to Manitoba in 1877. (He was my great grandfather)
John Jr was the 3rd child of John Sr (1814 – 1898) and Grace (1823 – 1890). John Sr was born in Perthshire Scotland, and is one of the oldest europeans buried in Argyle Cemetery.

There is a note in the family tree that Douglas William married Betty, but no dates are provided.
He is also mentioned in Ripples On the Lake, a book of SL history in the paragraph on Duncan Thomas Menzies family:
“Little Dunc married Jessy Brody of Vista in 1918. They farmed near Vista for several years. In 1932 Jessie died, leaving a family of four: Douglas, Leonard Duncan, Gordon Alfred, and Margaret Catherine. The three sons served in the army in WW2 and on their return from overseas worked and lived in other areas of Canada. Leonard died in 1966 and Douglas in 1977…”

Unfortunately that is the all I’ve been able to find on Douglas.


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