Bell Family Information Requested

The SL History blog received the following contact from Sue Visser at

Hello. I’m trying to find information about Donald and Mary (McCannel) Bell and children Flora and Katie who emigrated to Shoal Lake from the Isle of Islay, Argyll, Scotland in 1884. They joined their sons, Alexander and John, who’d already settled there .

Donald Bell c1818 – 26 Jan 1897
Mary McCannell Bell c1830?
Alexander b 1852
John b 1857
Flora b 1859
Katie b 1862
I believe some, if not all, are buried in Argyle Cemetery. If there obituaries for the parents, that would be very helpful.

Thank you for any help you can share.
Sue Visser

None of her relatives appear to be written up in either volume of Ripples on the Lake but I checked the Argyle Cemetery listing and four Bells are listed:

Donald Bell died Jan. 7, 1887, 83 years

John Bell 1857-1929

John Alexander Bell, son of J & B, died July 8, 1905, 5 weeks old

Mary McDannell Bell Sept 12 1908, 89 years

Can anyone one shed some light on the Bell family for Sue?


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