Phoenix Family History Request

Reid Dickie

I received this email from Robert Boynton in Calgary this weekend. The homestead was between Shoal Lake and Strathclair. If anyone has information to help out Robert, he came be emailed at

Robert’s email:

Thanks for having this website.

The Phoenix family came from Ontario and homesteaded NW21-3-27 W1. Jon Phoenix died in 1932, his wife, Martha Janette McNaughton died in 1935. Three of their children never married. Jessie Rhoda Phoenix died in 1962, Winford Roy died in 1963 and Mary Dott Phoenix died in 1965.

They had a sibling Marion who was born April 14, 1893 and died in Union, Union New Jersey in February of 1976.

Is there any mention of whether Marion had children or not in any local history story for the family that might exist?

Thanks, in advance for your consideration of supplying any information that might exist.

Rob Boynton

My reply:

Hello Robert,
Thank you for your contact and for your positive comments about the SLH blog.
I checked the history books and could find but one reference to the Phoenix family. That was in the cemetery listings. In SL Cemetery there is Nathaniel Phoenix 1849 – 1936. There was no Phoenix family entry in the body of the book and no reference to Marion.
I will post your letter and this response on the SLH blog. Maybe someone in the community remembers the family or has more information.
Thanks again,
Reid Dickie

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