The Lonesomes: 16 Prairie Stories

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Reid Dickie

This falls under the category of blatant self-promotion.

When you drive down a country road and see a lonesome old farmhouse, sun-baked and tumbling down or a busted-up half ton rusting away on a rise or an abandoned red barn, don’t you wonder what happened in those places? Maybe you even create stories about them.

That’s what I did. I found sixteen such places in Manitoba and Saskatchewan and let their stories arise in my imagination. The Lonesomes is the result!

In The Lonesomes, it’s life and death at play on the open prairie. Change is chronicled in personal events, measured by lifetimes. The stories tell of the desperate births of people, towns and ideas, of mystery,trickery, love, revenge and bizarre deaths, glimpses of the human condition that resonate deeply with people everywhere, city and country, town and farm.

Several of the stories grew directly out of Shoal Lake’s history. Squatters, story #10, reveals the town’s founding moment. I Don’t Like Trains, story #11, is based on actual events that happened just outside of Shoal Lake. I used the Prairie Dog Central (above) as the train. A Town with Water, story #13, though completely fictional, was based on my memories of the waterworks being installed. Snapshot 17 (06-02-2012 2-05 PM)One of the outhouses I used in The Lonesomes (left) is in Bryd Siding. Several Shoal Lakers inspired some of the other characters.

I wrote, directed and produced all sixteen stories in the 45-minute video that range in length from one to five minutes.

For a unique glimpse of our prairie past, follow The Lonesomes online.

The Lonesomes is being made available on YouTube, one new story every day for sixteen days starting Sunday, March 16, 2014 at On March 31, the entire video will be available on YouTube.

Offering a peek into my creative process, each story will be accompanied by its script, character backstory and location information on my blog at


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1 Response to The Lonesomes: 16 Prairie Stories

  1. Larry Rovers says:

    Thanks, Reid, for your work on ” The Lonesomes ” A great assortment of prairie stories. As originally have lived in Strathclair & Shoal Lake, I can relate to them. On a side note , while visiting relatives in Shoal Lake,in 1979, I took a trip out to Bryd Siding & to chat with Bernie Brydon.
    He was always entertaining & I had to see his 1956 Oldsmobile truck & countless other items from the century before. I just didnt see his now famous outhouse !
    I dont believe we have ever met , but I probably did see you at your dads Texaco bulk plant , when I was driving truck for Bob Jenkins.
    Looking forward to more of your interesting videos & historical stories.
    Regards, Larry Rovers


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