Order-in-Council #13640 approved Jan. 12, 1909, incorporated the Village of Shoal Lake comprising section 9 in township 17 in range 23 west which land has been detached from the Rural Municipality of Shoal Lake. This was reversed in 2010 when the RM and town amalgamated. This drawing shows Shoal Lake in 1909 south of the tracks.

Richard Thornbeck and pets next to stone ice house. The little building had lake ice covered in sawdust which kept produce and dairy cool during the spring and summer.


An ice house still stands in Shoal Lake. Across the alley behind Morley House, the old stone building has a well maintained shingled roof. One of the oldest structures in town, possibly 1890s.

Aerial view of Shoal Lake

Culross School, one of the earliest area schools, built in 1882 of cement blocks formed on site.

Elegant styling and classic classroom design were part of Shoal Lake's first high school, built in 1906.

The old high school in background was built in 1906, the red brick school, in a style very much in vogue during the 1930s when it was built.

The Drive 1930s The first Hamilton Block was built on the north side of the tracks about 1886. It burned down in 1889.

The Hamilton Block on Station Road sat where the post office is now. It was built in 1899.When the Hamilton Block was torn down in 1951, it was the second oldest building in Shoal Lake.

Nice view of the older brick buildings Shoal Lake once had on east side of Station Road


5 Responses to Gallery

  1. Susan Dunlop says:

    Hello, I’m the curator at the Wellington County Museum and Archives near Fergus, Ontario and am looking into the William James Griffin Jr. family of Shoal Lake. William’s uncle, William A. Griffin, was the Keeper of the House of Industry and Refuge (1884-1916); William’s father Anthony ran a store in county (at Alma and at Elora). I came across a August 13, 1919 Elora newspaper reporting that William’s son Crawford, age 16, had drowned “at the Narrows” (is this near Shoal Lake?). Willaim ran a hardware store called Eakins and Griffin. Crawford’s sister was Margarie according to 1911 census and his mother was Sarah.
    I’d very much like to know more about the family and see any photographs, thank you for your assistance.
    Susan Dunlop
    Wellington County Museum and Archives


  2. Bruce Dawe says:

    Thanks Very Much for your !
    A first time visitor to the Blog and wanted to share my connection to Shoal Lake. My Great Grandparents William John Short and his wife Matilda Jane Bumstead came to the town around 1890 and settled to raise their family. I will be looking for any information on their time there as I really know so little at this point in my research. Your lovely work has opened the door.


  3. Maureen Robertson says:

    My Grandpa was born in Shoal Lake in 1897 so it nice to look up the history


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