Edmunds Family Inquiry

I received this email from Paul Tuttle ptuttle@extendicare.com  asking about Edmunds family information and contacts:

Looking for any information relating to Frank Arthur Edmunds family of Shoal Lake. I do have a picture of the family from a Shoal Lake history and would be interested in talking to any living relatives. In particular relatives of Fraser Nelson Edmunds who died approx 2004 in Chilliwack BC. I can be contacted at 416 471 5414

Who can help Paul discover more about his family?

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Family History Questions – comment from Robert Reid

I received this email from Shoal Laker Robert Reid at  rgr1@live.ca regarding the recent inquires about the Menzies family and Kelloe School:

Just an update on some history about the Oakburn Menzies. If I were Sylvia I would keep trying to glean some family information. I am sure some of the Menzies – locally or as mentioned below should have some relevant information to help her out. I will work on this and the Kelloe query when I have some time available in July.

Thanks Robert.

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Menzies Family Query

I received this contact from Sylvia McMaster at sylvia@sylvangroup.co.uk

Comment: Hello – trying to find out anything I can on Douglas William Menzies born Oakburn in 1919. Would love to hear from anyone that may be interested. Sylvia

Looking through the SL and Oakburn history books I couldn’t find any mention of DW Menzies. Who can help Sylvia out?

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Kelloe School Inquiry

I received this email from Dorothy at jawakely@mts.net

i would like to have information in regards to the kelloe school, in about 1934 /38 a teacher that was there at the time was miss stevenson if someone would let me know thanks dorothy

My reply:

Hi Dorothy,

Going by SL’s history book Ripples on the Lake, Kelloe School #574 you are referring to (went to?) was built in 1928. In 1964 the school at Kelloe closed. The building is now situated on a farm at Foxwarren. There were two Stevenson sisters from SL who were teachers in the area: Anna Margaret and Marjorie Minnie Stevenson. Anyone else got anything about Kelloe School for Dorothy?



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Two Shoal Lake Boys and Their Hero

This picture appeared in the June 30, 1933 issue of the Winnipeg Free Press and relates to the recent inquiry from the Badger family.

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First Anniversary of Shoal Lake History Blog

Reid Dickie

It was a year ago today that I took the giant step and posted my welcoming message to the Shoal Lake History blog. The rest is history…

  • The number of people who visited this blog in its first year is approaching 5,000, a pleasantly high number!
  • It averages out to over a dozen hits a day.
  • The most visited page is 60 Shoal Lake Minutes with almost 1200 hits.
  • Following in descending order are People, Snapshots, Places and Gallery.
  • As you’d expect, Canadians visit the site more than anyone with web surfers from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and India filling out the Top Five.

Thank you to everyone who visited the site this year, who commented on it or posed questions for the blog’s readers.

Be happy,


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Shoal Lake Church Cookbook Inquiry

Name: Judy Martinook
Email: boltedon@wcgwave.ca
Comment: I was on a bus tour a number of years ago and we stopped in Shoal Lake. I bought a recipe book, which was made at a church – and I don’t know which one – which had around 300 pages in it.

I would dearly love to purchase this cook book again, but I don’t know who to ask or even what the name of the cook book was. Perhaps you could help?
Thanks, Judy

Any Shoal Lake residents who can help Judy out?



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Keeping Up with The Past

Reid Dickie

There is a terrific blog created by Christian Cassidy that Manitobans with a passion for our history should know about. This Was Manitoba is an almanac that runs short features on daily events throughout Manitoba’s history. For example, on this day in 1923, thousands of Winnipeggers watched Harry Houdini escape from a straight jacket while suspended 30 feet above the parking lot of the former Free Press Building on Carlton Street. The blog offers information about people and events all over the province. I have added it to the blogroll.

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SL History blog at work – more on Badger family

In response to the inquiry by Heather Badger Koch, Christian Cassidy sent this comment:

Hi there ! I am a fellow Manitoba History Blogger (West End Dumplings and This Was Manitoba.) I did some searching through the Winnipeg Free Press and came across some rosters. What year are we looking at ?

I’ve posted a few samples at my photo page as well as a couple of articles where Mr. Badger’s name appears. You should be able to see the article images at http://www.flickr.com/photos/christiansphotos/ if you can’t or would like the files directly, email me at cassidy@mts.net

My reply:

Hi Christian,

Thanks for your help with this. I check out West End Dumplings frequently and encourage my readers to do the same. Reid

Heather: in the Free Press articles that Christian has on his Flickr site, there is a picture and caption of Bill and Doug and the man who saved them getting a citation from the mayor and mention of the SL team including a Badger in the 1941 article. I’ll bet that was your grandpa. The rest of team is named by surname only.  The power of the blogosphere!!

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Badger Family Inquiry

This comment is from Heather Badger Koch:

I have been researching the Shoal Lake Hockey team for my father, William Badger, 87 years who was born in Shoal Lake.  Do you know the names of the men on the team?  He believes he worked for one Eddie Arnold.  Dad is currently living in Calif. but is very nostalgic for his home.  He was the boy in the 30’s who was rescued from Shoal Lake.  He and his brother Dougie nearly drowned near the creamery.

My reply:

Thanks for getting in touch. Funny how little towns have a magnetic attraction that lures people back, if not in person then in memory and in nostalgia. I remember reading the story of Bill and Dougie almost drowning in the lake. It’s recounted in Ripples on the Lake history book. Did Doug die in WWII? I couldn’t come up with any hockey rosters for you. Eddie Arnold farmed anbd breed heavy horses near Shoal Lake for decades so it is likely your grandpa worked for him. Maybe a blog reader will have more information for you. All the best, Reid

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